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They had not stopped to examine them; but could not be mistaken, for they glared distinctly through the surrounding gloom. Dolores soon arrived and explained the mystery. The spectres proved to be two statues of nymphs in white marble, placed at the entrance of a vaulted passage. Upon this a grave, but, as I thought, somewhat sly old gentleman present, who, I believe, was the counts advocate or legal adviser, assured them that these statues were connected with one of the greatest mysteries of the Alhambra; that there was a curious history concerning them, and moreover, that they stood a living monument in marble of female secrecy and discretion. All present entreated him to tell the history of the statues. He took a little time to recollect belphegor blasphemous demo prayer details, and then gave them in substance the following legend. IN OLD times there reigned a Moorish king in Granada, whose name was Mohamed, to which his subjects added the appellation of El Hayzari, or The Left-handed. Some say he was belphegor blasphemous demo prayer called on account of his being really more expert with his sinister belphegor blasphemous demo prayer his dexter hand; others, because he was prone to take every thing by the wrong end; or in other words, to mar wherever he meddled.
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